Civic Quotes - 64 notable quotes from over 45 U.S. government leaders.

This project is viewable across multiple formats:

The Civic Quotes project includes 64 notable quotations – from a variety of U.S. government leaders over the years – that cover four main topics: representative democracy, role and impact of government, democratic process/compromise, and citizen participation.

What's new in version 1.1

  • Social media sharing
  • Search functionality added to quote list
  • Improved interface responsiveness & additional touch points
  • Additional quotes, authors and images
  • Content fixes and updates

How to use the Civic Quotes app

Clicking on the View Quotes button will take you into the quotes sequence. Click on the About / Credits button for more information about the creation of the Civic Quotes app.

After clicking on the View Quotes button from the home screen, the first image will appear. From the quote view you can tap anywhere on the image to hide the quote. Tap again to hide the header and footer. Tap a third time to bring the quote back into view. Swipe anywhere the image to navigate to the next quote. There are 64 quotes in all.

Click the BIO button in the lower right corner to reveal biographical information for the author of the quote. Click the X button to close the bio.

Clicking on QUIZ QUESTION button next to the quote brings up a short question related to the general topic of the quotation. All questions are from recent NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) tests in civics. Then you view the answer to see how you did on the question compared to the 8th or 12th graders who took the test.

Click on the HOME button in the upper left to return to the home screen at any time. To the right of the HOME button is the SEARCH button that can be used to jump directly to any of the 64 quotes. To the right of the Search button is the citation ("i") button that will reveal citation information for the background image as well as the quote image.

Our Civic Quotes will be searchable in various ways—by category, by author, by keyword. A separate version will allow non-iPad users to access the content. The website version will also include lesson plans and more resources for teachers.

More information about the imagery can be found by clicking on the CITATION button to the right of the SEARCH button in the upper left. Individual quotes can be shared via Facebook or email by clicking on the SHARE button to the right of the SEARCH button.

This project is part of our Teaching with Primary Sources at the Center on Congress at Indiana University program, funded by a grant from the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources program.

Engage students in learning about Congress, representative democracy, and citizen participation.

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